Martha Hall – Response

After watching, Martha Hall’s film “I make books,” a couple thoughts were sparked on how we might use this film to educate future and current healthcare practitioners. As she explained, before she started writing the books, she was missing the creative part of her narrative. When her art class began, she chose to write about sailboats rather … [Read more…]

Telling Stories: The Health Benefits of Narrative Response

The essay, “Telling Stories: The Health Benefits of Narrative” by James Pennebaker, hits at a few main points that serve to connect realism and narrative medicine. Pennebaker understands that people need to tell their stories. But, why? As he explains, when people put their emotional upheavals into words, their physical and mental health improved remarkably. … [Read more…]

The Wounded Storyteller Response

The Wounded Storyteller Response While reading the literary work, The Wounded Storyteller: Body, Illness and Ethics by Arthur Frank, I was able to view narrative medicine from a different perspective. There were times while reading this piece that I wish I had read it before I started to write my medical interview essay. My favorite part … [Read more…]

Interview Story-Telling: 1st Person

Feet. They’re kind of gross ya know. They touch the grossest things and they always smell bad and sometimes you even get hair on your toes. What you don’t think about though until you almost lose them… is that they ground you to this earth and take you to the places you need to be. … [Read more…]

“The Case of the Red Leg” Response

While reading, “The Case of the Red Leg” by Atul Gawande, it was interesting to be on the surgeon’s side of the doctor to patient encounter. In this chapter, there is an overwhelming theme of “not knowing”. Not knowing how to diagnose a patient, not knowing how to read certain tests, and not knowing how to … [Read more…]

Pastiche of Moore

She was placed in the front seat of the Cadillac. There was no warning! Her daughter was sitting behind her as they drove to Eastern Maine Medical Center in attempt to check her into an emergency room as soon as possible. It was a two hour drive that felt like two days and the daughter … [Read more…]

Moore Response

After reading “People Like that are the Only People Here: Canonical Babbling in Peed Oik,” by Lorrie Moore, I have some mixed emotions about certain types of ideas that she discusses. The last page reveals that she wrote the piece to earn money to support her son. Her husband talked her into taking notes while … [Read more…]